FAQs, Specs, and related Rocket Links

This page is under continuous construction. Check back often.

Q: How much are the quick build kits?
A: QB kits are not available yet. Right now our emphasis is to support the existing F1 fleet. Slow build kits are coming next. Then we will consider the possibility of QB kits.

Q: How much are the slow build kits?
A: We expect to have complete fuselage and finishing kits by Airventure 2017. Therefore, we should have complete pricing for those kits at that time. Maybe sooner. Stay tuned.

Notice: Wing and tail kits are coming next and will not be ready by Osh ’17. However, wings and tails are available from other sources.

Q: How much are EVO wings?
A: Only about 24 sets of EVO wings were produced previously, versus about 150 Sport wings. At this time we do not plan to offer EVO wings, which were never really intended, or optimized, for Rockets in the first place.  There are rumors of other tapered wings becoming available in the future, but at this time none exist.

Q: Can you give us an idea of what’s happening with the kits?
A: Sure.  Right now we have tooled up with the items most likely needed to support the existing fleet. Things that might get damaged, like spinners, cowlings, gear legs, wing tips, etc. You can see most of these items on this web site in the “Parts and Accessories” page. As mentioned above, fuselage kits should be available by Osh ’17.

Currently (April 2017), we are getting new fuselage bulkheads, floor ribs, and other pieces stamped. Our goal is to have these items “proofed” by Spring. With any luck (and a lot of hard work), we hope to have a complete NEW fuselage to display at Airventure.

That’s all we can say right now.  No need to feed the rumor mill. Trust us, we want to get these parts available as much as anyone… we’ve got our own airplane to build here! We need these parts too!!

Q: Whats the difference between the F1 Rocket and the F4 Raider?
A: Everyone is familiar with the F1 Rocket, a well-proven, 6 cylinder Lycoming powered, aluminum airframe, ultimate sport plane.  The F4 Raider is our answer to those who wanted a slightly more sedate, but still an amazing performer, with a 4 cylinder Lycoming engine.

The primary difference is that the F4 uses an extended engine mount to move the 4 cylinder engine forward. The prop remains in the same position as on the F1.

The lighter weight of the 4 cylinder engine requires that the battery and other heavy accessories be moved forward in the F4, unlike the F1 that typically is nose heavy, even with the battery well behind the back seat. The lighter weight of the 4 cylinder engine also may require a metal prop for CG reasons, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Naturally, installations will vary and other items, such as smoke systems, extra baggage compartments, or other equipment could be moved around as required to obtain the correct CG.

Q: What do I do if I have severe buildertitis and the only cure is to start banging rivets immediately?
A: Hundreds of HRIIs have been built using a mix of Van’s and Harmon and F1 parts in the past. It is still a viable option. Ask Vince for more info, or browse www.vincesrocket.com  for more info on slow building a Rocket or Raider.

Q: Where can we meet Team Rocket in person?
A: Blake and Vince Frazier will be at EAA Airventure from July 24 – 30, 2017.

You’ll find us Oshkosh, er… Airventure, in outdoor space 652. Right behind the Van’s Aircraft tent, near Cleaveland Tool, at the north end of the show, just south of the warbirds.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to say?
A: We will add more information here as time allows. Until then, www.vincesrocket.com was the very first Rocket web site on the web.  Of course, that means that it is a bit dated, but, nonetheless, it still is packed with good info, including the FAQ page. Please have a look at those FAQs also. When you’re done, visit the More Links page too.


We all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. Wilbur and Orville Wright, many others, then Ray Stits, Richard Van Grunsven, and John Harmon http://www.harmonrocket.com/  all deserve a tip of the hat. John deserves applause for picking up where Van left off and getting all of this Rocket madness started.

Another tip of the hat goes to Mark Frederick, still Rocketing down in Taylor, Texas for putting the Rocket series into kit form. Mark is currently building a retractable gear, Continental powered, Evo wing race monster. And, no, it’s not available, but you can go watch Mark race it at Reno soon.