F1 Rocket and F4 Raider NEWS UPDATES

8-3-2017 QB fuselage status: We are also pleased to announce that we have worked out details with several U.S. based “hired guns” who can assemble a QB fuselage for you! Contact Vince for current details. Visit our Builder’s Assistance webpage for more information.

The one shown below is going together at RVbuilders in Peyton, CO.  It belongs to Ron Patterson.

Patterson F4 Raider frame
Patterson F4 Raider frame

Nearly completed QB fuselage!

8-3-17 New stub spar carry through bulkheads

Yeah, it’s purple. It really stands out at the Oshkosh booth!  Yours will be silver.

This stub spar carry through bulkhead is produced by Loyd Remus to allow RV-8 type wings to be used on the 4 cylinder Raiders. We don’t recommend it for larger 6 cylinder engines. We also recommend abiding by RV-8 VNe and gross weights if you choose to use this type of wing on your kit.

The standard F1 and F4 wings have the traditional spar carry through bulkhead for RV-4 type spars that splice together in the middle of the fuselage.

Contact Loyd Remus at RVbuilders for more details.

8-3-17 New empennage kits in production!

Good morning fellow Rocket/Raider enthusiasts,

Mark and I have made several tweaks to the old Rocket empennage. We think these will be solid improvements that increase the margin of safety and hopefully minimize the chance of bad things happening in case of an accidental overspeed.

Please note: The VNe does NOT change. It is and will remain at 275mph (239knots) TRUE airspeed for Rockets (Sport or Evo wing). Raiders using an RV wing of any type should observe Van’s recommended VNe.

F1 Rocket F4 Raider New empennage
F1 Rocket, or F4 Raider new empennage

The changes are shown in blue. As you can see, there are more ribs in the VS and HS. This should help resist any tendency to “oil-can”. The forward spars are widened to accept a separate formed leading edge. Several of the spar doublers are being tweaked also. The rudder spar has a new doubler near the top, and a gusset to better support the counterbalance arm. Finally, the trim tab servo is being moved outboard to align with the longest area of the trim tab chord, which should simplify attachment and strengthen the tab arm. Skins will be pre-punched. Hardware and rivets are included. Lead for the counterbalance weights is not included at this time.

All modifications are subject to change as we work through the production.  We expect the first “proof” kits to be here in our shop in about 6-8 weeks (around Oct. 1, 2017), with initial deliveries to follow soon afterward. As with any new production, schedules may change, or some parts may be delayed. This is nothing unusual, but if you’re expecting a complete kit next week, do us all a favor and re-read this paragraph.

We are offering early adopters the kit for $2500, plus shipping. Currently there are 5 of the 12 slots remaining. Contact Vince directly for more details with an email to vince@f1aircraft.com

Escrow options are available. We work with Tammi Bear at AIC Title company. Tammi can escrow your purchase until your kit is ready for delivery. Escrow fees are not included in the purchase price. Tammi’s contact info is here:  Tammi Bear   tel:  800.288.2519   tbear@aictitle.com


Update: Brad Hood took home a well deserved Grand Champion kit built Gold Lindy at Airventure 2017!
7-13-17 Brad Hood’s F4 Rocket II leaving the paint shop. Wow!

Simply stunning.


Brad Hood's F4 Rocket II
Brad Hood’s F4 Rocket II

Brad chose Evoke Aviation in Gadsden, AL  with expert painter Jonathon McCormick to apply Plane Schemer’s eye-popping design. Brad says “My editorial is that Jonathon produced the most perfect paint job I’ve ever seen! And I’m the most finicky critic around!”

All I can say is that I can’t wait to see it at the Team Rocket display area at Airventure 2017.   We’ll be in space 652, up on the north end of the display area, across from the homebuilt camping and near the Van’s Aircraft’s tent.

6-26-17 Ron Patterson’s new construction F4 Raider project

Patterson F4 Raider frame
Patterson F4 Raider frame
Patterson F4 Raider frame
Patterson F4 Raider frame 1

Ron Patterson’s F4 Raider project is under construction. Ron is being assisted by Loyd Remus. Ron has his wing and tail finished already and this beast should be flying soon!

6-22-17:  New production parts. These parts are re-stamped after heat treatment to produce smooth, flat, non-warped parts that are ready to install with little or no additional work required. Not everyone does it this way, but we do!!

New U.S. production parts
New U.S. production parts
new F1 Rocket bulkheads
More new F1 Rocket bulkheads
New F1 Rocket floor ribs
New F1 Rocket floor ribs
New F1 Rocket firewall
New F1 Rocket firewall – prepunched too!

6-22-17: I just spoke to the guys in the shop regarding the tail kits and Oshkosh. It’s gonna be tight, but we expect to have the first NEW production tail kit at Oshkosh 2017. This is BIG news!! More on this as new info becomes available.

6-21-17: As you know, Team Rocket, http://www.f1aircraft.com/meet-the-team/ , has been working toward restarting F1 Rocket parts production. We’re well along in the process and moving forward continually.

You may know from visiting our website at www.f1aircraft.com that we now have partial fuselage kits that include all of the difficult to make bulkheads and other formed parts.   Canopy kits, fiberglass parts, engine mounts and gear legs are all available too.

Obviously, right now we’re talking about slow building your aircraft from parts. However, we’re also in early negotiations regarding having complete quick build fuselages available. More on that as it develops.

We’re also working on several NEW options, including:

4 cylinder engine mount,

new round inlet cowling,

a brand NEW tapered wing option!  We’re very early in this process, but it’s on the drawing board!

NEWS! We are having tail kits built right now. We hope to have them, or at least a prototype, by Oshkosh. I can’t make promises just yet, but that’s the plan!

We’re extremely excited to announce that Brad Hood’s brand new RV-8/Rocket hybrid will be in our display area at Oshkosh.

Brad Hood's F4 Rocket II
Brad Hood’s F4 Rocket II
F4 Rocket II engine installation
F4 Rocket II engine installation

Brad reports:

 My F-4 is flying and currently in the paint shop. I named it: F-4 Rocket II. F-4 for 4 cylinder. It is not a Raider due to its unique construction. (It has RV-8 wings and tail.) I do plan to have it at OSH to compete.

 It flies absolutely perfectly. Looks like a Rocket and flies like an RV-8. No CG issues at all. In fact, it came out up next to the forward limit with full fuel and pilot only. I couldn’t be happier with it!  Performance is like an IO-360 RV-8 or better.

 The concept is verified!


Brad has a Lycoming IO-360 in his machine. It is currently in the paint shop getting ready for the big show. Brad’s plane utilized RV-8 wings and tail, Rocket fuselage, and the 4 cylinder Lycoming.

I hope to see you at Oshkosh!  We’ll be down near the Van’s tent on the north end of the display area.  As always, feel free to contact us with questions.