Ordering and shipping procedures

As you know, many of the airframe parts that we need for our aircraft have been unavailable, or at least harder to get in recent years. With input from the F1Boss, aka Mark Frederick, Blake and I are putting parts back into production and adding new airframe parts to the store as quickly as possible. We are now stocking all of the items below and many more that aren’t shown. Be sure to inquire if you need specific parts that aren’t listed yet.

We’re airplane guys, not web gurus or shipping ninjas, so please be patient with us as we wade through all of the idiosyncrasies of putting this stuff online. What this means is that our web store isn’t always keeping up with reality. You’ll likely have to contact us to get a shipping quote to complete your order. Sorry about that, but coding all of the shipping options for these widely varying items just isn’t possible yet. For example, if you order wingtips (shipped from Oregon), an engine mount (shipped from Texas) and an instrument panel, gear leg fairings, and injector adapter (all shipped from Indiana), you’re gonna need us to figure a true shipping quote! Yes, it’s a bit inconvenient, but consider that it saves YOU money if we don’t needlessly ship it all to Indiana first!

We’re also responsive to AOG needs. Let us know if your aircraft is in need of parts to get back in the air.

We’re all in this together. Help us and we’ll help you!  Thanks from the Team!!

Vince, Blake, Mark


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  • F1 Rocket F4 Raider New empennage

    Empennage kits

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  • F1 Rocket engine mount

    F1 Rocket Engine Mount for Lycoming IO-540 engines

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  • f1-rocket-instrument-panel-blank

    F1 Rocket or F4 Raider Instrument Panel Blank

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  • F1 Rocket sheared wingtips for standard wing RVs, (4, 6, 7, 8) and the Harmon Rocket, F1 Rocket, or F4 Raider

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  • F1 Rocket Sliding Canopy Kit

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  • standard F1 Rocket cowling

    F1 Rocket Standard Cowling w/o airbox

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  • Fiberglass main gear leg fairings for the Harmon Rocket, F1 Rocket, F4 Raider, or Grove RV-8 gear

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  • Firewall, stainless steel, for the F1 Rocket or F4 Raider

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  • Flap arm covers for RV-4, Harmon Rocket, F1 Rocket, or F4 Raider

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  • Fuel Injector Intake Adapter

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  • James Aircraft wheelpants for F1 Rocket or F4 Raider

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  • Lower engine mount to longeron weldments for F1 Rocket or F4 Raider

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Showing 1–12 of 23 results