F1 Builder Forum Gateway

Thanks for visiting our Team Rocket builder forum information page. Please note that the Team Rocket forum is a PRIVATE forum. Complete access is provided to kit builders only.

However, to give you a glimpse, we allow you temporary, read-only access if you follow the following steps:
1) Contact Vince at vince@f1aircraft.com and have some kind of email conversation so we know that you’re human, and a Team Rocket aircraft enthusiast or builder. Just ask for the forum sign up instructions… yeah, that’ll work.
2) AFTER you receive the email reply and required password from Vince, browse to our private F1 forum page. Go to http://teamrocketaircraft.com/forum/ and create an account.
3) Then send your user name to vince@f1aircraft.com.  I’ll then send it to Grant Booth, aka Kaos, who signs you up for a week of browsing.
4) After a week, your account deactivates unless you actually start a project… i.e. buy something that indicates you’re actually intending to build an F1 or F4, then we make it permanent.

It’s kind of a pain, but we have ZERO problems with trolls, feuds, or anyone being snippy on this forum! We don’t put up with that stuff… and we don’t ask for money or sell advertising.  Radical, eh?  The forum is for Team Rocket F1 and F4 related information only, not random discussions about off topic stuff.

During the forum sign up process, please be patient with us. We’re airplane guys, not computer nerds.  If you don’t get a response in a day or so, just email us again. We’re rowing as fast as we can and making parts has priority over everything else.

If you have any other questions, please contact vince@f1aircraft.com.