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Ron Harmon’s HRII Rocket

Ron Harmon's HRII
Ron Harmon's HRII
Ron Harmon’s HRII
Recent inspection. Apx 440 hours TT on ac and engine. NDH, all logs. Hookers, Inverted oil and flop tubes in tanks.
Ron Harmon's HRII panel
Ron Harmon’s HRII panel
The panel is new and pretty straight forward. D-100, S-120, Garmin 796, A/P, New Garmin 255a 10 watt nav/com, new 327 txpr.
Ron Harmon's HRII panel 2
Ron Harmon’s HRII panel 2
formation fun
Formation fun

Reason for selling… too many airplanes and I’ve decided to keep the Christen Eagle. I’d love to keep both, but two planes is getting tough on an old man.

Asking $120,000
Ron Harmon, KAEG
505 280-7010
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Rick Andersen’s F1 Rocket

2007 F-1 Rocket
Certified in 2013. 160 Total Time airframe and engine. Best of everything, Sport wing – Dual Garmin G3X glass screens, Garmin 430W with GTX330 transponder for ADS-B out, SL40 com, GMA 240 audio panel, Tru-Trak GX Auto-pilot with Tru-Trak ADI and more. Inverted oil system on Monty Barrett IO-540 291hp with Cold Air Induction. Scott tailwheel, White Diamond Metallic paint over Firethorn Red Metallic Imron paint. No Damage History. Located KSEE, Gillespie Field, San Diego, CA
Aircraft Type F1 Rocket
Price $149,900
Contact Rick Andersen
cell phone 253-961-5003
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For sale by builder: F1 Evo, C-GMLQ

I built my Rocket for IFR cross country with the thoughts in mind that I would be using it for that kind of mission, as well as a bit of light acro. However I find that 99% of the flying I do is for local sightseeing, giving rides, and a few loops and rolls from time to time. I got part way through my IFR training and realized I would probably never use it. My wife’s interest in flying is ranges from none to never. So I am seriously thinking of selling this airplane and getting something more suited to the kind of flying I do. Long shot – would be interested to use this as a trade-in on an Xtreme Decathlon.

Here are a couple pictures:olson-2


Here are the details:

F1 EVO ROCKET (tapered wings)

Quick Build
Tip Over canopy
Located in Salmon Arm, BC
Asking Price: $ 160,000 USD
IFR equipped, not certified

Total Time (hrs) on airframe: 137 (growing weekly)
First flight date: May 31, 2014
I am the original builder
Empty Weight (lbs):1389
Gross Weight (lbs): 2100
Painted September 2014

Lycoming IO-540, 260 HP
Half Raven oil separator
SD-8 redundant Alternator
Balanced injectors – can run very lean of peak
Plenum – no cooling problems
Oil Cooler door
Dual heat muffs with cool air mixer in the cabin

Engine was a 150 hour Mattituck build when I got it, was disassembled/inspected by Aerosport due to a prop strike at that time. Cylinders were bored .010 and new pistons and rings were installed along with bearings etc. as is normal for this kind of work.

Engine suffered another prop strike 75 hours later (62 hours ago, June 2015) and was again disassembled/inspected and reassembled with new bearings etc. For details on this incident see…d.php?t=126587

Prop is a Constant Speed Hartzell with 62 hours since new

Electric Flaps and Elevator Trim
Aileron Trim has been removed but could be reinstalled
Aeroled Pulsar nav/strobe light
Aeroled Landing and Taxi lights
New tires (will be installed during annual – December 2016)

Garmin G3x Touch, 10.6” , c/w engine monitor, autopilot, GMC 307 control panel, TOGA switch
GRT Mini EFIS, c/w remote Magnetometer, Moving Map, OAT probe, Internal backup battery
Garmin GNS 430W GPS/Nav/Com (connected to Garmin G3X)
Garmin SL30 Nav/Com (connected to GRT Mini)
Garmin GTX 330 Transponder (connected to Garmin G3X)
PS Engineering 8000B Audio Panel
Vertical Power VP-200, c/w backup switches for EFIS/AP, GNS430, and Boost Pump
Vertical Compass Card
AFS Sport Angle of Attack
Taxi Camera displays on Garmin EFIS

Velo front seat (have original as well, easy to change)
Leather Upholstery
Heated seats
Removable rear stick
CO2 Detector
Andair fuel valve
Very stout roll bar
ACK E-04 ELT (406)

Real World Cruise Figures
– 197 kts TAS at 2300 rpm while burning 11.8 gph. Measured at 8000’ PA with a temp of 32* F, solo, half tanks. Airspeed test results (3 leg runs) show airspeed error of .2 knots per hour.

Comes with a spare bronze tinted canopy, speed slope windshield, and most of the hardware for a slider.
Mark Olson
phone 250-423-3284

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Sell your Rocket for Free – Introducing Rocket Classifeds

Do you have an F1 or Harmon Rocket that you would like to sell? As a free service to the Rocket community, we are now offering a classifieds service on our website. Sellers, contact us using the form below to get your listing posted.

Listings are unrestricted (within reason). We’ll be happy to post pictures, text, or videos that you have of the plane you’re selling. No listing fees, no commission, just an easy way to get the word out about your plane.

Name, email address, price, and relevant details required. We do not sell your email address, nor intentionally share it, but you need to provide it so customers can find you!

All transactions are “Caveat Emptor”!  Know your buyer and know your seller. We take no responsibility for transactions that go south. However, we’re a small community of Rocket enthusiasts… if you don’t know the other party… ask around!

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