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Breaking News! Empennage kits are here (sold out) and are going to be shipped as soon as we get them sorted, packed, etc. Check the News and Updates page for more info.

Please read the FAQs page. It has answers to most common questions.  Really!  Check it out please.

Brad Hood has his F4 flying and reports that he loves it! Visit our F4 specs page for more details and photos.  For more news updates, visit: News and Updates

Welcome to F1, the new home of the F1 Rocket and upcoming F4 Raider projects. F1 is the official dealer for Team Rocket Aircraft.

If you are in the market for unbelievable performance in an affordable homebuilt airplane, the F1 Rocket is exactly the plane you’ve been looking for. This plane can outrun, outclimb, and outperform virtually all GA homebuilt aircraft. Able to climb at 3500 fpm, with a cruise speed over 230 kts, the F1 Rocket is a total performance machine.

The F4 Raider is a virtually identical airframe, but uses a 4 cylinder Lycoming. Performance is still outstanding, but with the feel of a lighter machine.  The lighter wing loading gives great handling, while the higher horsepower available from modern 4 cylinder engines really closes the gap with its big brother, the F1 Rocket. Visit our specs pages for more info.

Currently, we have FWF, the newly updated empennage, all of the fiberglass parts, virtually all of the fuselage, and sliding or flopper canopy kits available. Wings are available from other sources.  QB kits, see below.

Please read the FAQ page before submitting questions. We are gearing up to produce complete kits again, and, as of October 28, 2017 we’re shipping fuselage parts, finishing kits, and the newly updated empennage. The remaining items are being worked on. More on that as it develops.

QB fuselage status, August 2017: We are also pleased to announce that we have worked out details with several U.S. based “hired guns” who can assemble a QB fuselage for you! Contact Vince for current details. Visit our Builder’s Assistance webpage for more information.

Existing F1 Rocket owners are always welcome to contact us for repair parts. If we don’t have them, we’ll do our best to bump your parts needs to the top of the stack.

EVO wings are not available at this time, August 2017: We are actively working on a new design tapered wing to take its place. There are NO guarantees that this wing will ever be available… but we ARE working on it!

Thanks for your patience and support!

Vince, Blake, Mark, and the rest of the team.

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